To upgrade Hi-Fi equipment, what brand of audio is worth? Jul 08 , 2023

Suggest to upgrade with big brand flagship equipment if you want to upgrade your audio equipment. First is quality guaranteed with pure and lossless sound, moreover is the comprehensive and powerful functions. The best thing to do is to choose one with high value for money, such as Tonewinner's new integrated flagship AD-2PRO+, which incorporates 8 major upgrades, faster heat dissipation, higher power and stronger performance.

The flagship of a major manufacturer, with both sound quality and functions

Sound quality: 

Full aluminium chassis with sub-cavity and frequency division structure. Use decoding chip of ES9038, op-amp TI OPA1656 and 24pcs Toshiba high-power transistors 1943/5200...

With so many high-quality internal and external materials been used, it give the AD-2PRO+ remarkable characteristics of stability, high resolution, sufficient energy storage and high fidelity.

Senior Hi-Fi engineer integrated fully symmetrical, fully balanced, differential input to BTL (bridged) Class A power output circuit, which effectively improved the purity and fineness of the music output of AD-2PRO+, it has more dynamic and higher transient response, stronger driving force and control, lower distortion and more durable. It is worthy of the name of flagship.



The AD-2PRO+ offers not only excellent sound quality, but also super comprehensive functions. It supports free switching between Class A, Class AB and automatic modes.

When used as Class A, the bass is thick and smooth, the mid-range is delicate and warm, the treble is clear and bright, with a strong musical flavour.

When used as Class AB, the power consumption is low, and it can express various large dynamic scenes to the fullest, no matter you listen to orchestral music, symphony or chorus, it is very suitable and impressive.


For record lovers, this amplifier is also very practical. The AD-2PRO+ is equipped with a phono interface compatible with MM (Moving Magnet) and MC (Moving Coil) phonograph cartridges, which can make the sound quality of the turntable more delicate and touching.


If you are looking for a higher level of audio play, you can also try the bi-crossover function of AD-2PRO+, which enables the high, mid-bass and bass to be driven independently, reducing the mutual interference of the magnetic field in the speaker, making the treble more transparent and the bass more full and vivid.


If you are looking for a more shocking, full, and vivid bass effect, AD-2PRO+ can also satisfy you. It is equipped with SW-OUT ultra-low output, and has two sets of balanced and unbalanced bass output interfaces, which can be connected to active subwoofer at will. You can enjoy the infinite charm of heavy bass.


To sum up, if there is a need for audio upgrades, if you did want to change, choose the flagship version. The integrated highest flagship AD-2PRO+ of Tonewinner is your best choice.

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