AD-89D Cost-effective Multifunctional Hi-Fi CD Player Power Amplifier Jul 10 , 2023

What is a “Multifunctional Hi-Fi CD Player Power Preamplifier” ? To be precise: it is not only a high-fidelity Hi-Fi power amplifier, but also a Hi-Fi digital music player, a Hi-Fi CD player, and a qualified Hi-Fi music processor. As the so-called multi-function unit, it can support almost all Hi-Fi audio sources nowadays.

One unit supports you to enjoy all functions. AD-89D is a multi-functional unit, integrating CD player and amplifier all-in-one machine. It integrates CD playback, streaming media playback, pre-amplifier decoding, and amplifier outputs. It supports Bluetooth transmission, USB disk, TF card, APP control and optical, coaxial, USB-Audio and various digital signal inputs.


First Impression of AD-89D

The left and right sides of AD-89D are arc wave structures with fine frosting electroplating dyeing processing to create a dignified and elegant outlook design.

On the back panel, you can clearly see the digital input (DIGTAL IN ) area. This part of the interface includes a USB Audio (to PC), a Micro SD Card, a TV digital audio return ARC HDMI port, an optical input port,and three Coaxial input ports. These digital ports show that AD-89D is a complete digital decoding multimedia Hi-Fi power amplifier.

And it still retains the subwoofer pre-output interface, which can turn a 2.0 audio system into a 2.1 system. The U-shaped connection plug can turn an integrated amplifier into independent preamplifier and amplifier mode.


Special design of AD-89D

AD-89D also has three interesting designs for audiophiles.

The first one is the U-shaped plug. This friendly design can change the unit from an integrated amplifier to independent pre-amplifier or independent amplifier mode, so audiophiles can experience different sound quality.

The second is to specially design the SW OUT subwoofer output ports. People who prefer to listen to 2.1 channel sound quality, they can just connect a 300W active subwoofer into the unbalance subwoofer port, so as to achieve practical 2.1 high-fidelity audio system.

The third is the HDMI ARC port. You only need to connect an HDMI cable to the HDMI ARC port of the large-screen TV and it will greatly improve the sound quality of the TV. 


Although the AD-89D multi-source power amplifier released by Tonewinner has no extraordinary technology and amazing feeling, everything seems so natural and pure, it still brings a refreshing experience to people. First of all, it integrates The nine major sounds come from one body. It can be said that the current HI-FI sound source has been exhausted, and it can be self-sufficient without adding any other sound source.

Greatly simplifies the equipment, simplifies the placement environment, and has a very high cost performance


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